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:: The Incense Trail ::
- Jordan & Yemen -
Historic traders of Frankincense & Myrrh

Yemen Tourism :: The Frankincense or Boswellia Tree

Yemen Tourism :: Frankincense gum resin

Yemen Tourism :: Incense burner

Yemen Tourism :: The Frankincense route

Yemen Tourism :: Bir Ali ::The main Yemeni Frankincense port

Yemen Tourism :: Shibam :: On the incense trail

Yemen Tourism :: The ancient capital Marib.

Jordan and Yemen are linked in history by the famous incense or frankincense trade.
Extend your journey to Jordan with a visit to Yemen, exploring the incense trail.

 :: Yemen & Jordan ::
Linked in culture & trade -

Thinking about visiting Jordan?
Explore Yemen too!

Fly to Sana’a from Amman in 4 hours and
experience the pure Arabic Yemeni Culture yourself.

Instant itineraries of 2 to 14 days on demand by
e-mail, fax or telephone including up-to-date
Visa & Flight information


Travel to Yemen :: Explore Sanaa with Acacia Tours

Travel to Yemen :: See Shibam, once on the incense trail to Jordan

Travel to Yemen :: Haraz Mountains

The sultan Palace in Sayun

Travel to Yemen :: Meet the young Yemeni people with Acacia Tours

Travel to Yemen :: Bashing the desert floor with Acacia Tours

Culture & People :: Yemeni treasures

Yemen architecture

Travel to Yemen :: Yemeni people at work

 :: Yemen - Arabia Felix - The land of Sheba ::
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